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 The Admin Re-Design/Rule Book Change

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PostSubject: The Admin Re-Design/Rule Book Change   Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:56 pm

I don't think any of you remember but when I first joined I said I was gona change Icon Tales. Thats why i'm here now, Let's kick it off with the abusing admins, Alot of admins have been reported as abusers *One EX.Sallen* others have been reported because they ban people for RPing bad or saying something, Those are not reasons for Ban. And now let's speak about something Completley new to byond and May change byond rules for ever, People should be given the right to go to court, 3-5 people are sellected to decide them guilty or not, they must have solid evidence for why they think theyre guilty or not, Same rules apply for the Defendant he must have Evidence such as a Log or a Picture proving his not guiltiness and he must prove that he shouldnt be baned for some reasons. Another thing i'd like to discuss is the Admin System, it needs to wait scratch that it MUST be re-designed we need new Admins, only me and Kyo should keep our Admin, everyone Re-Apply, the reason for this being we're the only not Inactive Admins, Another thing about the admin system is Our head Admin, I'm perfectly fine with Kyo, but ask the people, I'm the fan favriote and i'm on more than Kyo I usually get on I miss like one or two days a week. Another thing i'd like to talk about is the "Ban" reasons, Such as spam or Talking back, People can't be baned for dumb reasons like that, If they spam in the Chat, then mute be the Spam must be one page full worth, And unmute them later, and if they continue Perma mute until 3 or 4 reboots later. Another reason is, the Spam on the Map reason
just because they spam doesent mean it was Intentionaly, Take their Building privlages away, Thats why we have that verb, isnt that the reason? also later give them another chance so the first was a warning and it showed we werent kidding, and if the continue then Remove building Privlages and like the Mute keep it for a certain amount of Re-boots we'll discuss this in another forum for the rule book. Another thing is Talking back, Yes we may be admins, and we may be better than the players but just because they do something to get us mad doesent give us the rights to ban them or Kick them, Like one of the amendments state, We have freedom of speach, now if they constantly do it that would be considered spam and that deserves a mute. Like I mentioned somewhere We'll discuss about what rules should be changed/deleted/added to the rulebook on a whole nother forum. Thanks for reading I'd like to see ALL of these added
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The Admin Re-Design/Rule Book Change
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